Visa To The World Teacher Book

Visa To The World Teacher Book. VISA to the world, the Common Core English textbook, is an integrated multi-skill book whose materials incorporate up-to-date topics that fall into ten themes. Each one of the ten units/themes has been divided into three parts, and each part has been divided into 8 sections or activities. The organizing principle of the textbook is the unity of the theme. Consequently, all the activities revolve around the theme of the unit, which gives the materials the coherence and consistency needed in textbook design
This strategy ensures a systematic approach that goes in line with the belief that students learn more efficiently and effectively when the information they are presented with is organized and interrelated within a clear conceptual framework.

Scope and pace

The book has been designed to be covered in 34 weeks at the rate of one unit in three weeks. In other words, teachers should be able to cover one of the three parts of each unit in one week. This is possible if teachers adopt a reasonable pace, and if they opt for learner-centeredness as a teaching strategy. Selected tasks can be assigned as homework to devote more time to those activities that require the teacher’s guidance and monitoring of the students’ learning processes.

Variety and flexibility

Two guiding principles of VISA to the world are variety and flexibility. These features are very important because the mixed ability is and will for some time characterize the Common Core classes. This is dictated by the gradual introduction of English in lower secondary school. When they reach the Common Core, some of the students have had no contact with English whatsoever while others have been exposed to English programs either in lower secondary school or in private language institutions. This situation, therefore, requires the design of a textbook with a variety of materials that will make it possible for the teacher to deal with different proficiency levels. VISA to the world is organized in such a way that the teachers can choose to follow the materials as they are sequenced, or adapt them to the learners’ needs and the constraints of the teaching situation. This flexibility of the book is particularly; recommended in the first units. The gap between complete beginners and false beginners is supposed to fade away as the students proceed through the subsequent units of the book.

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