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Teaching MaterialsTicket To English 1 Teacher's Book and Audio Files

Ticket To English 1 Teacher’s Book and Audio Files

Ticket To English 1 Teacher’s Book and Audio Files. This English language teaching course has been designed for Moroccan students in upper-secondary schools (First-year baccalaureate). The course consists of astudents’ book, a teachers’ book, and audio support (tape and CD). The content of the book is designed to be covered in 34 weeks with an average of one unit in
three weeks. This is just a suggested pace as the book also contains supplementary
material that can be used if the time and proficiency level of the students permit. This
also leaves room for evaluation, assessment, and remedial work. The activities
suggested are organized in a flexible and varied way to give teachers more freedom
to adapt the material to their teaching situation.

Click on the picture below to download Ticket To English 1 teacher’s book

Click on the picture below to download Ticket To English 1 Audio files


  1. thank u so much i live in oujda i want to ask if the books are offered in libraries and the price.thanks a lot

  2. Thank you Si Nabil 🙂 .. I’m using Ticket to English 1 this year again ! I haven’t used it for 3 or 4 years & consequently forgot where I’d put the teachers’ Book !! Until a few days ago, I came across your online version of the TB, so I’m reassured now (not only me, but another dear colleague, too!)
    I don’t know how I can thank you 🙁 You did (& you’re doing) a GREAT job 🙂 God Bless you ..
    Kindest Regards,

  3. I feel exalted when I see such a teacher hoping to integrate ICT into the classroom. Good luck, Mr. Nabil.

  4. Hi,teacher Nabil,I am najib.I would be greateful if you can provide me with some some lessons plan about the four skills because I am confused about different examples proivided online from which I can choose.Allah yrham walidin

  5. Hii! Teacher Nabil, thank you for your great work, and can y please tell me what do you think of the order of units in ticket 2 English. Do you think it’s the right order? and what do you think is the rationale behind chosing it by the ministry of education, especially in what concerns grammatical items?

    • Hi there.
      I see no issue in the order of the Units in Ticket 2 English 2. But for me, it is more practical, organised and easy to easy in comparison to Gateway 2.

  6. Hello dear friend, I really appreciate the great job you are doing and the resources you provide for teachers here. May ALLAH bless you and yours.

  7. thanks teacher nabil for the great job u r doing. please I need help concerning the teaching of unit 1 ticket1.

  8. Hi Teacher Nabil.
    I can’t afford to find suitable expressions to warmly thank you for what you have been doing for English learners most importantly Bac students. keep on dear brother you are doing great.

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