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Teaching MaterialsTicket 2 English 2 Writing

Ticket 2 English 2 Writing

Ticket 2 English 2 Writing

Here are the Ticket 2 English 2 Writing topics that students who are using the Ticket 2 English 2 textbook are supposed to know. This paper is a kind contribution of Inspector Omar Marzouki.

Unit 1: Gifts of Youth
Page (SB): 17
Writing Task/Genre: A descriptive paragraph
Prompt: With the information in the diagram,
write a descriptive paragraph about the person to your classmates. Here are some useful adjectives.

Unit 2: Humour
Page (SB): 31
Writing Task/Genre: A funny story
Prompt: With the information in the chart, write the story of this funny incident for your school magazine

Unit 3: Formal, Informal, & Non-formal Education
Page (SB): 47
Writing Task/Genre: A report
Prompt: Use the information in the table to write a report about this seminar for your school magazine. Here are tips on how to structure your report ( About school dropout)

Unit 4: Sustainable development
Page (SB): 61
Writing Task/Genre: A Formal letter
Prompt: Write a letter to the local municipality to ask for a grant for your project. You may use this framework

Unit 5: Women and Power
Page (SB): 77
Writing Task/Genre: A book review
Prompt: Use the information in the chart
above to write a review of the book. You can follow the review of “The Last Chapter” as a model.

Unit 6: Cultural Values
Page (SB): 90
Writing Task/Genre: A reply letter
Prompt: Write a reply letter to Mary,
answering her questions. You may use the following format to write your
letter Mary’s queries about customs in Morocco)

Unit 7: Citizenship
Page (SB): 106-107
Writing Task/Genre: Application form
Prompt: Read through the whole application form, then fill it in carefully (about voluntary work)

Unit 8: International Organizations
Page (SB): 120
Writing Task/Genre: An e-mail
Prompt: Write an e-mail to the secretary-general of the United Nations to support this cause (Eradicating illiteracy and poverty in the world)

Unit 9: Advances in Science and Technology
Page (SB): 136
Writing Task/Genre: An article for a school magazine
Prompt: Using the information in the chart, write an article for your school magazine in which you expose the characteristics of modern cell phones

Unit 10: Brain drain
Page (SB): 151
Writing Task/Genre: An article for an e-magazine
Prompt: Are you for or against brain drain?
Write an article for an e-magazine, using arguments from the tables
above to support your point of view


  1. Thank you Sir for providing this great content.
    I have a question about the writing, as I was going through the prompts I noticed that in each one we are given an indication. So my question is is it the same case in the national exam?

  2. Can you share with us ,of cource if you don’t mind,an exemple of a report about a siminar we attended .The siminar was about a road accident or illeteracy or about homless children .

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