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Teaching MaterialsTicket 2 English 2 Student Book

Ticket 2 English 2 Student Book

Ticket 2 English 2 student book

How to Use this Book

To the student,

Welcome to (Ticket 2 English 2 student book)! This textbook provides you with different
language activities to improve your English. You will find throughout the book many lessons, tasks, and exercises to learn and practice the language. Each unit in the book revolves around a topic of interest to you and provides sufficient practice in the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
(Ticket 2 English 2 student book) also, offers you other activities that aim at developing your life skills in general and linguistic ones in particular. We aim to help you improve your study skills and become an independent learner, especially because this year you will sit for your Baccalaureate and get prepared for your higher studies.
Each unit contains 7 activities and each activity uses a different background color. These
activities will help you to:

  • Expand your Vocabulary review vocabulary and learn new words and expressions
  • Listen and Speak  listen to different texts and boost your communication skills
    through this activity.
  • Read and Learn read various texts and develop reading comprehension skills.
  • Study Grammar review and consolidate grammatical structures and their uses.
  • Practice Writing practice and develop your writing skills.
  • Study Skills learn how to learn and develop your study skills.
  • Explore Culture explore and learn about cultural aspects from different cultures.

After units 2,4,6,8,10 you will find two extra activities to:

  • Work out your Project use what you have learned in English to produce a project.
  • Check your progress check units. and review what you have learned in the two previous.

Al the end of your book, you will find four extra reading texts specifically designed for students in the Arts and Humanities streams. There is also a grammar reference, a list of common phrasal verbs, a list of irregular verbs, and an index.

Click on the picture below to download Ticket 2 English 2 student book



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