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SpeakingResponding to Good and Bad News

Responding to Good and Bad News

Responding to Good and Bad News

Responding to good and bad news can be done in different ways.

1. Responding to Good News

When someone shares good news with you, it is important to show that you are happy for them, and excited about their news. Here are some ways to respond to good news:

  • Oh. what great news!
  • Oh my goodness. Great news!
  • Wow. What great news!
  • I just can’t believe it. It’s good news!
  • Really! I just can’t believe it!
  • Lucky you!
  • I’m glad to hear that!
  • Sounds great!
  • Superb news!
  • Superb!
  • Oh, How wonderful!
  • That’s wonderful/terrific/fantastic/marvelous/dazzling/breathtaking news!
  • Congratulations

2. Responding to Bad News

When someone tells you terrible news, it’s crucial to be understanding and supportive. Here are a few approaches to handling terrible news:

  • Oh, I feel sorry for that.
  • What a bad/terrible/news!
  • Oh, dear!
  • Poor you!
  • Too bad!
  • I feel sorry for that!
  • I do feel sorry!
  • I sympathize with you!
  • Please accept my sympathy!
  • It’s really sad to hear that!
  • I know you must be feeling sorry for that!

3. Examples of Responding to Good and Bad News

  • Speaker 1: I got my baccalaureate with 17.86.
  • Speaker 2: Oh, good news!
  • Speaker 3: Did you hear the news? Tom’s father passed away.
  • Speaker 4: Really! It’s sad to hear that!
  • Speaker 5: Khalid has got a visa for The States.
  • Speaker 6: Really! I just can’t believe it!
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