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Teaching MaterialsOutlook Teacher Book and audio files

Outlook Teacher Book and audio files

Welcome to Outlook Teacher Book. This course is intended for the common core level and has been designed based on the Academic Standards, contained in the Ministry of National Education document, which states that:

To meet the challenges of ever-increasing global connections and to be a front-runner in a global economy now and in the 21 century, students in Morocco must communicate in a culturally appropriate manner with people from around the world. Our students must be aware of different perspectives reflected in both the language and behaviors of other people. They must possess language skills and an understanding of other cultures to be productive members of the diverse communities in which we all live.

This book uses what has come to be known as Communicative Language Teaching (CLT), but also includes ways of creating interactive and learner-centered classrooms. It provides students with natural and meaningful contexts in which to practice the communicative functions of the language. It emphasizes the internalization of language structures and functions by encouraging students to experience using the English language appropriately.

The book de-emphasizes the use of grammar rule memorization, over-learning, and teacher-centered activities and encourages observing/identifying the structure of language, trying to formulate rules, and applying these rules, through context-based tasks. When grammar practice and explanations occur, they are kept simple and are always embedded in communicative contexts.

The book emphasizes practice in all four language skills. In the process of helping students to learn and acquire English, the teacher acts as a facilitator and guide in an inhibition-free, student-centered classroom.

Click here to download Outlook Teacher Book

Click here to download Outlook audio files


  1. I never got the chance to say how grateful I am to you for the great help you provide in this website.
    Thank you so much

  2. Hello Ssi Nabil,
    You’re doing an amazing job..Keep it up !!
    I am wondering if Outlook SB could be found in PDF format online. This would help me a great deal as I rely almost totally on my laptop for storing docs.


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