Download Lesson Plans for Teachers

Lesson Plans for Teachers

Below are different lesson plans for teachers that you can download for free. they are courtesy of other teachers who kindly agreed to share their materials with others. The aim of this page is to help novice teachers know how to start their teaching career by having an idea about former teachers’ methods.

Lesson plans provided by Mr. Oussama Bouthoul

Lesson plans provided by Mr. Hajjaje Kaddoury Sbai

Lesson plans provided by Mr. Abdesalam Zouita

Visa To The World lesson plans provided by Mr. Hassan Ait Hammou and Bouzloul Houda

Visa – Unit 01 Talking about daily activities and using prepositions

Visa – Unit 01 Personal relations – reading and writing

Visa – Unit 01 Personal relations – communication

Visa – Unit 02 The simple present

Visa – Unit 02 Speaking-vocabulary Occupations

Visa – Unit 02 Reading Maria’s classmates

Visa – Unit 02 Possessive Case Questions with Whose

Visa – Unit 02 Adverbs of frequency

Visa – Unit 03 -food

Visa – Unit 04 Reading – Shopping places

Visa – Unit 04 Reading – Shopping places

Visa – Unit 04 Intro Shopping

Visa – Unit 04 Intro Shopping

Visa – Unit 05 Writing notes taking

Visa – Unit 05 Vocabulary recreation

Visa – Unit 05 Reading hobbies

Visa – Unit 05 Listening

Visa – Unit 05 inviting accepting refusing

Visa – Unit 05 Future

Visa – Unit 05 Comparatives Superlatives

Visa – Unit 06 Writing Letter

Visa – Unit 06 Vocabulary Health

Visa – Unit 06 Reading Medical labels

Visa – Unit 06 Modal verbs

Visa – Unit 06 Listening

Visa – Unit 06 irregular verbs

Visa – Unit 06 Conjunctions

Visa – Unit 07 Write a Biography

Visa – Unit 07 The simple past To Be

Visa – Unit 07 Reflexive pronouns

Visa – Unit 07 Reading Mona Lisa

Visa – Unit 07 Reading Biography

Visa – Unit 07 Intro to unit Vocabulary

Visa – Unit 08 Reading Great Scientist

Visa – Unit 08 Reading Air pollution

Visa – Unit 08 Listening

Visa – Unit 08 Intro to unit Vocabulary


  1. May Almighty Allaah bless you, my dear brother Nabil, for all these good deeds for both students and teachers! Keep it up, brother! mashaallaah 3lik Allah ynawrak (y)

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    i need some more explanation in what concern teaching
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  3. Thanks a lot teacher, may Allah reward you.
    Could you please upload common core and first year’s lesson plans as well. I’ll be very grateful!
    Best wishes and prayers

  4. Thank you so much Mr. Sbaybi. I’m really grateful. Can you please provide us with 1st year bac lesson plans?

  5. Salam Oulaykom Sir Sbaybi, how are you doing? I am Hajar Najib, I was one of your students, and now I am an English teacher too, I teach in Oum Errabia High School. I need some lesson plans samples for ” Window on the World”
    Thanks in advance Sir.

  6. thanks a lot teacher for giving help .i am in need to lesson plan concerning (insight into english 2 bac)

  7. thanks a million dear teacher thanks for your great efforts may Allah Almighty reward you with Janna
    could you please provide me with focus teacher’s book if you have it of course
    thanks again

  8. First of all thanks a lot for your efforts,
    Please can you provide us with Gateway 1 ?
    Thanks in advance.

  9. Jihad Ereddoudi

    Dear Nabil,
    it seems ages we didn’t meet, I wish you are well. thanks a lot for the website it is interesting.


  11. Thank you for the efforts. I’d like to make some comments on the lesson plans you shared. The grammar lesson share the same stages: Presentation, Production, Practice. I won’t go into details about how these stages are carried. However, it seems that they don’t follow the pedagogical guidelines. They should be based on a discovery approach. Leave the students discover the rules by themselves and focus first on meaning not on form. A way to do that is to start with a reading/ listening activity in which the students only answer comprehension questions. this is the stage of noticing… and without much explanation from the teacher the students should be able to underline/ pay attention to the new form. the teacher only guides … not explain … A good way to help oneself change is to read the pedagogical guidelines on which grammar lessons are based on Rod Ellis articles “BECOMING GRAMMATICAL”… I am much afraid that a number of novice teachers might learn to make lesson plans without understanding the theoretical background they are based on.

    • Thanks should go to you my dear teacher for your priceless remarks. In fact, these are kind contributions from some teachers as samples to reformulate and personalise. That would be so awesome my dear teacher if you share with The Moroccan Teaching Community dome of the lesson plans that abide by what you have mentioned above.

  12. Hi, thank you for your efforts teacher. Please, share other lesson plans samples (Gateway to English 1) if you can.

  13. another English teacher...

    Hi guys!! Does anyone have a video of students introducing themselves in English ( name age and country)? if you have it please share it here or send me a link!! coz all the videos i found are not of a good quality or don’t have all the information i need in my video… thanks in advance!!

  14. Hello everyone.. hope my msg finds u well.. I want to thank u Mr.Nabil for the amazing work u’ve been and still doing.. If anyone can please provide me with some samples of lesson plans of 2nd year Bac (Insights into English) .. I”ll be more than thankful <3

  15. Hi Mister Nabil
    Thank you for the good work you do with your stend’s.May god help you. Can i ask you please a pleasure?Do you have “visa to the world” teacher’s book or wher can i download it? Thanks so much

  16. I would be thankful if u could provide me with ticket1 lesson plans. My Allah bless u for the efforts u r making

  17. Thnx Mr Nabil. What you do is really helpful and great. keep on (.Allah yarham lik hgwalidine) .
    May I have teacher’s book- Viza to the world.
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  18. hi! please teacher i would like to contact with you if it’s possible
    i need some more explanation abou unit 2 ticket to english 1 bac

  19. I hve seen all of the examples here, i found myself that i have never done like these lessons plans….my example is so different cz i just write.
    Lesson plan: grammar.
    Focuss: f ex: p.p.continious.
    Time:55 min
    Objective: by the end of the class students will be able to:
    – be able to use the tence in their speech.
    _ they will be able to give some examples using it.
    .is there anything wrong here plz.

  20. Hello Professor, God bless you for the amazing work!
    I am a trainee teacher, I am currently preparing a lesson for common core, would you please provide me the name of the book ? Thank you so much!!

  21. Baraka Alah fik for all the good work you do. I hope more of Ticket 2 English 2 bac will be uploaded., we really need them

  22. ELAAMRI Mohamed

    thanks for your generosity.
    i reach this area because i am trying to find lesson plans of ticket2english 2 bac., but in vain.
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  23. Hi there ! Could you , please , share readt-made lesson plans for Ticket 2 English 2nd year bac. Where can I find them , olease ?

  24. Abdelmalek Elmakryni

    Mind you please leaving a lesson plan for brain drain unit 5 reading lesson of ticket to english 2?