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Teaching MaterialsGateway To English 2 Workbook

Gateway To English 2 Workbook


Gateway to English 2 Workbook easement to review reinforcing supplement the language activity suggested in your textbook. Each unit contains the following activities in this order.


this is an opportunity for you to review the vocabulary related to the topic of eah unit and to enrich your repertoire with new words and expressions on the same theme.


In these activities, you will review the language functions presented in your textbook and learn other expressions to communicate effectively in English.


In this section, you will find more reading texts on the topic of the unit, followed by comprehension tasks. This section is meant to provide you with more training to improve your reading strategies and skills.


‘Reinforce your grammar’ include various exercises on the grammatical elements presented in each units. This is another opportunity for you to review and consolidate your grammatical knowledge of the English language.


This section provides you with various exercises meant to improve your writing skills, some models are provided for you to follow and write your own texts.

Extra material

We also provide you with some extra material such as function reference, idiomatic expressions, modal glossary, prefix glossary, etc.

Download Gateway To English 2 Workbook

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