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Teaching MaterialsGateway to English 2 Teacher Book

Gateway to English 2 Teacher Book

Introduction to Gateway To English 2 teacher book

The content and structure of Gateway To English 2 text book have been designed in accordance with the specifications relating to the 2nd year baccalaureate English textbook that have been issued by the Ministry of Education. The methodology of the textbook is aligned with the instructions and recommendations of the 2006 Pedagogical Guidelines concerning English language teaching for second-year baccalaureate.

The approach adopted: StandardsBased Education

The standards-based education movement sees education as a process where the knowledge and skills students should possess at given points in their educational life are identified and set in advance by a team of experts and educational stakeholders. As for the educational standards, they are clear descriptions of the expected/ desired outcomes of schooling and of the way students’ achievements are to be assessed on the basis of these outcomes.

The Moroccan Ministry of Education has adopted Standards-Based Education with the hope that it will contribute to enhancing better educational results. As stated in the Pedagogical Guidelines, adopting this approach was not done at random, but was guided by its intrinsic characteristics which have been enumerated by the guidelines in the following list:

  • It (StandardsBased Education) addresses what learners must know and be able to do with English (content standards), and of how close they are to achieving the aims of the course ( performance standards);
  • It addresses communication as being not strictly one skill, but a mixture of the spoken, written, and auditory skills;
  • It is based on the premise that cultural understanding is essential in language education;
  • It connects English with other subjects areas such as history, geography, philosophy, etc;
  • It is based on the view that argues that comparing and contrasting our own languages and culture(s) with other languages and culture(s) leads to better understanding of ours;
  • It stresses the extension of language learning experiences from the classroom to the the outside world;
  • It is focused on learner learning (i.e. learnercentered);
  • It holds all concerned parties accountable for the outcomes of learning;
  • It requires performancebased assessment as explained in the fourth part of the guidelines.

(2006 Guidelines )

Click here to download Gateway To English 2 teacher’s book

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  1. salamo alaykom.ssi Nabil, i would like you to do me a favour , please. I have in my class a student with special needs .he can’t use the book since he’s paralysed . he use his tablet to access to lessons and exercises. i wonder if you could provide me with gateway 2 bac studen’s book to help him benefit from the book .thanks in advance.

  2. hi thank you for the book I would like to ask if you have gataway 1 teacher book and if you have an example for year and moths planning for Garaway 2 and 1 thanks

  3. Salam Mr nabil I would like to pass back Libre 2017_ 2018 this year if you can help me to prepare for exam and improve my communication skills thank you

  4. Salam Mr nabil thanks a lot for your effort please I need lesson plans for getaway 1 first year bac if you can provide me with them please

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