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Teaching MaterialsGateway to English 2 Student Book

Gateway to English 2 Student Book

Gateway to English 2 student book

To the student

Dear student.
Gateway to English 2 student book has been designed on the basis of three main objectives:

1. to consolidate what you have learned during the last three years;
2. to prepare you for the Baccalaureate exam; and hopefully
3. to prepare you for your further studies

By using this book, you will be exposed to many activities through which you will reinforce your already acquired listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.
The themes of the units are rich enough and are accompanied with a variety of activities that will help you practice the language through communicating with your teacher and classmates.
The book starts with a map which will give you a global idea about the whole content of the book. Another section “How to use this book” is meant to give you a brief account of the techniques and procedures you need to follow so as to be able to use the book in a more systematic way. In the same section, you will also be given an idea of how the units are organized throughout the book.
The listening section is designed in a way that would enable you to improve both your listening and speaking skills. A variety of activities has been included to serve this purpose. The vocabulary section contains various tasks to help you improve your vocabulary retention, review, and expansion.
The reading section contains different texts carefully chosen to meet both your needs and
interests. The reading activities are targeted towards helping you upgrade your reading sub-skills.

The grammar section is also rich in various activities. In most of the units you will be asked to identify the new elements of grammar, then in the subsequent activities, you will practice those new grammar points.
The learner training activities are mainly focused on the skills you might need for both your studies and daily life. This section will also give you the opportunity to communicate with your peers through sharing ideas and solving problems.
The writing section aims at training you in different writing techniques and skills you need for different writing genres. The activities suggested are focused on techniques that will help you refine your writing sub-skills.
The units end up with a project work activity which will give you the opportunity to learn
cooperatively and creatively.
In designing this book, we based most of the activities on pair or small group work which is an ideal way of learning foreign languages through interacting with others. Therefore, your active participation in this mode of learning will certainly bring about good learning outcomes.
Finally, with the help of your teacher and your perseverance, we are quite positive that your learning goals will be met.

Good luck.

Click on the image below to download Gateway to English 2 student book


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