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Teaching MaterialsGateway To English 1 Teacher's Book and Audio Files

Gateway To English 1 Teacher’s Book and Audio Files

Doanload Gateway To English 1 Teacher’s Book and Audio Files

After the so many global socio-economic and cultural changes that have taken place since
the 90s. it was deemed necessary for the Moroccan educational system to be upgraded to
respond to the new professional and educational requirements. For this purpose, a Royal
Commission was appointed to investigate our system of education with the mission of coming up with a general framework that would be up to the new changes and challenges the Moroccan society has to face. Following the recommendations of this commission, the government and the educational authorities launched a reform that aims at providing quality education for all Moroccan citizens.

To implement this reform, a certain number of actions have been taken. New educational
approaches have been recommended as well as the curricula and the textbooks that follow
them. Among the approaches that have been adopted, the relatively recent standards-based approach which has proved to be efficient in the countries that have made their systems of education adhere to its principles, namely the USA and the UK, to cite only these two.

The authors of Gateway to English are aware that the expected outcome of their book will be hardly achieved unless teachers who will be using it are involved in the implementation of the content standards the book comprises. Accordingly, the authors would like to take the initiative of helping these teachers have a clear idea of what the standards issue is all about.

What should standards mean for TEFL teachers?
The term standards, as it is used in Gateway to English, refers to what students should know and be able to do with English as they progress in covering each of the units of the book. It is expected that all students are exposed to the same quality of teaching. To give evidence that learning has taken place, learners are required to show, in a way that can be observed and measured against the standards, how well they can perform using what they are supposed to have learned. As a consequence, there is no excuse that some of them would be left behind.

Click on the image below to download Gateway To English 1 Teacher’s Book

Click on the image below to download Gateway To English 1 Audio files


  1. Thanks a lot Prof Nabil. I have been looking for this book since a while and could not find it. Allah irham lwalidin

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