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1st BacDownload Gateway 1 Unit 6: Health and Welfare

Download Gateway 1 Unit 6: Health and Welfare

“Gateway 1 Unit 6: Health and Welfare” gives first-year baccalaureate students in Morocco access to the essential language, grammar, and functions related to health and welfare. This short rundown sums up the knowledge students must gain in order to fully grasp ecology.

Gateway 1 Unit 6: Health and Welfare vocabulary

Body Parts

1- Neck
2- Chest
3- Ear
4- Throat
5- Heel
6- Shoulder
7- Head
8- Back
9- Hip
10- Arm

11- Eye
12- Wrist
13- Leg
14- Stomach
15- Waist
16- Elbow
17- Knee
18- Toes
19- Foot
20- Thigh

Functions: Expressing Complaints

Making complaints can be done with different statements or expressions that introduce your displeasure or discontent. A direct complaint can be considered rude or even impolite.

  1. I have got a bit of a problem here, you see…………………
  2. I am afraid I have to make a serious complaint
  3. I just don’t know how to say it but,…………………………
  4. Look, I’m not really satisfied with the way you…………
  5. I am in the obligation of saying that……….
  6. I have a serious complaint about………….
  7. I have been patient long enough, but……………
  8. I want to complain about…
  9. Excuse me if I’m out of line, but…
  10. There may have been a misunderstanding about…
  11. I’m sorry to bother you, but…

Grammar: Conditional Type 0/1

Conditional Type 0


Cond 0 is used to express real and general truths such as scientific facts.

[ If + subject + present simple] + [ subject + present simple]

Ex:   If you boil water, it becomes heat

People get fat if they eat junk food

Conditional Type 1


Cond 1 is used to express possible situations in the present or future

[if + subject + present simple] + [subject + future simple]

If clauseMain clause
If you read this bookyou will find it interesting
If he has moneyhe will travel around the world

Grammar: Modal Verbs

Present formPast formFunctionExamples
Can-mayCould-mightPossibilityWe can attend the show if you have time
ShouldAdvicePeople with obesity should practice sports
WillWouldRequesting assistanceWill you lend  me your book
Would ratherShowing preferencesI’d rather choose this t-shirt than that one
Have to, mustHad toObligation/certaintyStudents have to respect school rules
Ought to/shouldAdvisabilityYou ought to revise your lessons before the test
Needn’tAbsence of necessityYou needn’t bring your umbrella, it’s sunny
Don’t have to, mustn’tDidn’t have tolack of necessity and prohibitionThey mustn’t cheat in the exam
MustMust have + past participleCertaintyHer face is pale, she must be sick
Can-mayCan/could + past participle  May/might + past participleprobabilityHe didn’t come to school today; he may be ill


  1. I m so impressioned by your work.Can you give us a summary of unit 8 plz.Im from Oujda.Almassira high school

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