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Download Diagnostic Tests

On this page, you can download diagnostic tests needed for assessing Moroccan students’ knowledge. They are kind contributions from different teachers who have shared their knowledge and experience in order to help other educators evaluate the language proficiency of their students. The tests cover various language skills such as reading comprehension, writing, and communication. They are designed to be comprehensive, yet easy to understand and use.

Moreover, the tests are divided into levels that correspond to the Moroccan curriculum, which makes them even more useful for teachers. The tests are aligned with the standards of the Moroccan Ministry of Education, which ensures that they are accurate and reliable. They provide teachers with a clear picture of their students’ strengths and weaknesses and allow them to tailor their teaching methods accordingly. Teachers can also use these tests to track students’ progress over time and make sure that they are on track to meet the learning objectives. These tests are a valuable resource for any teacher working with Moroccan students, and we are grateful for the teachers who have contributed to their development.

This page contains different diagnostic tests which are kind contributions from different teachers. Please if you have any materials share them and help the Moroccan EFL community

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